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5 Steps to Mindfully Manifest

Everything around and inside us is energy, and at the smallest level everything is made up of atoms that are governed by the same universal laws. Manifestation has its base in the Law of Attraction, which is what Quantum Physics is all about.

According to Science Mag, "Quantum experiment in space confirms that reality is what you make it. An odd space experiment has confirmed that, as quantum mechanics says, reality is what you choose it to be. Physicists have long known that a quantum of light, or photon, will behave like a particle or a wave depending on how they measure it."

What this basically means is that we have the power to create our own reality. We might be born into certain circumstances, which make our lives easier or more difficult to navigate, but the good news is that no matter who we are, we have the power to change things in our life. The bad news is that, knowing this, we can't continue to blame everybody around us for what we experience, we need to look inside ourselves, own our manifestation power and put it to good use.

The mind is very powerful and if left unwatched, it can manifest all kinds of random things or hurtful stuff which we never wanted to have in our lives. What we think, how we think, gets reflected into our outer life experience. The outside reflects the inside.

This does not happen from one day to the other, it is a constant practice. The seeds you plant today, and tomorrow, and the day after, you will harvest in time. So manifestation is not a quick fix, it is not something you can switch on and off as you want - it is a lifestyle, like everything worthwhile that provides us with consistent results.

So how can we build a lifestyle that lets us manifest the best version of ourselves? How do we become master manifesters? How do we develop and nurture a mind that works in our best interest? Here are my 5 favorite steps:

1. Work on your self esteem and self love

According to one of my gurus on the topic of manifestation, Lacy Phillips, we manifest from our core sense of self esteem. Basically, it doesn't bring us anything if we keep making visualization boards, read positive affirmations out loud or watch The Secret on repeat. If we don't truly and genuinely feel and believe that we are worthy of love, of money, of abundance, of trust, of honesty, of a beautiful home, of helpful friends - or whatever we might be dreaming of - we won't see it coming up in our life. The first step to manifesting a great life is personal development. It is our psychology. It requires work (sometimes over months or years) of identifying our fears, our childhood-learned views of the world and mechanisms to cope with it. So whatever means you can use to work on this, whether it is reading books, listening to podcasts, talking to a therapist or going on yoga retreats, I fully encourage you to work on your self esteem. Only once you truly start to value and love yourself, will you see worthiness and love around you.

2. Keep a daily gratitude journal

It is easy to fall into a negative mindset. Someone pushed you on the crowded subway. You spilled your coffee on the white shirt. Your boss is in a weird mood. Your wife or husband forgot to message you about that thing. Negativity seems to be like a drug to the mind, who can run on it for hours before deciding your entire life sucks. Add Facebook, Instagram and online shopping to that, and you'll soon believe that all your friends have cooler lives and you should buy more things to make up for that. How does the universe respond to that mindset? By giving you more of what you ask (think) - negativity, dissatisfaction, annoyances. What is the antidote to that? A daily gratitude journal. When you wake up and the first thing that you do is enumerate all the things you are grateful for (and believe me, they are many, from the bed that you're sleeping in, to the sun shining outside, to your healthy body, your great legs, or your family), you set your mind on a pathway of seeing the beauty and positivity in life. Even when an annoyance comes your way, in time you'll get used to see it just like that - a momentarily annoyance which shall pass. So get a journal, place it next to your bed (or on your office), and take 10 minutes every morning when you wake up to enumerate on one page all the things that come to your mind, for which you want to give thanks for. Then notice how more of those come your way.

3. Create a visualization board

This is a classic one, but it works. Your mind registers the images you see and works in your favor to recreate them in your life. That's why i don't suggest watching negative news, horror movies or crime stories, especially not at night before going to sleep. During sleep, your subconscious is at its peak - linking the images and memories in your mind, making sense of them and sorting them. Have fun with this exercise of creating a visualization board and if possible, do it around a New Moon, when the energy is all about new beginnings and setting intentions. The cycle of the moon, similar to the cycle of the seasons, is reflective of the continuous cycles going on all around and inside us - of birth, growth and death. Take a big white carton board and cut images of things you want, people you wish to be like, places you want to go, or symbols of feelings you want to feel, from magazines or leaflets. Use marker pens to write out big and loud what you want. Put a number and a name on it. Be specific. Then keep this board somewhere where you can look at it every day, such as in your room. You can meditate on it and re-set those intentions regularly.

4. Set your intentions - on paper

Talking about setting your intentions, writing does miracles. It takes your intentions out of idea form in your mind and brings them into reality. Along the same lines of "what gets measured gets managed" goes "what gets written gets manifested". Take time to think about your goals on a yearly and monthly basis. I've developed an exciting practice where, at the start of every new month, I look at my top goals from the last month (categorized in Health, Wealth, Relationships, Personal Development and Business) and see what I've achieved and what I still need to work on. Then I set my goals in all of these categories for the next month. It not only helps me manifest, but it gets me excited about the start of a new month and it keeps me accountable.

5. Practice mindfulness

The cherry on top, after practicing all of the above, is to develop a consistent daily practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is such a trendy buzzword nowadays, but what it actually means is being present with the task and feeling of the moment. If you eat, eat fully - with your mouth, your eyes, your taste, your focus. If you walk outside, walk noticing your surroundings and the feeling of the air in your nose or the ground below your feet. If you spend time with a friend, look them in the eyes and listen genuinely, trying to truly feel their presence in that moment. Whatever you do, aim to have your mind, body and soul in it. When you do that, you'll be happier and more grateful. You'll worry less, as there is nothing to worry about in the present. And from that feeling of serenity, you'll manifest the next moment, and the next moment, and the next moment..

Be a mindful manifester! xoxo


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