• Cristina

Afternoon in Sunny Sevilla

Founded by Hercules, Seville, the capital of Andalusia, has more history than many can imagine. It has been under roman rule, it´s been conquered by Muslims and nowadays it´s part of Spain´s Andalusia. All these influences blend into a beautiful mosaic of colours and aromas.

You might remember the post Sonia wrote last year, about a bachelorette in Seville. While she got to spend some super sunny days by the pool and sipping on sangrias, we only had an afternoon there and it had quite a romantic twist. The thing about our trip to Seville is that even though it was planned, it was not planned. Meaning we wanted to spend half a day or a day there but knew nothing about the city. Which proved quite problematic when we go to the city and had no clue what direction to take. So what do you do when you end up in a city you know nearly nothing about and are on a timer? We chose to go to what sounded like a strategic spot - Plaza de España. And oh boy, did it turn out to be a brilliant decision. The plaza was build in 1928 for an exhibition (as many magnificent monuments were). It´s style is a twist of Renaissance Revival and Moorish Revival. While the plaza is absolutely stunning in itself, what will strike you as even more impressive is the fact that the whole southern part of the city was redesigned as an expansion of it, resulting in a magnificent area of boulevards and gardens with way too bitter oranges.

So what to do in Plaza de España on a sunny afternoon? Take a little gondola and paddle your way around the semi circle surrounding the now mostly governmental buildings where once scenes of Lawrence of Arabia and Star Wars Episode II were filmed. The boat ride is 6€ for half an hour and you can also bring your furry companion with you! If you´re lucky, you might even catch a horse parade on the main alley. Next, grab an ice cream from one of the kiosks in the park and eat it walking around the many side alleys. While you´re at the kiosk get yourself a paella shaped magnet or a Sevillan shawl or fan as a souvenir. When it comes to food, we suggest you move towards the city and check out one of Sonia´s recommendations there since the only two restaurants we could find in the park were rather overcrowded.

Wrap up your afternoon with a walk down the Paseo de las Delicias, snap some pictures with the many oranges you´ll find on the floor and whatever you do, do not eat them, they´re super bitter and will ruin the whole romance of the landscape! Oh and if you know any cool restaurants we can try out next time we´re in that area, let us know in the comments!

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