• Cristina

Bastardo - Lunch or Dinner in Lisbon´s Rossio

It´s pouring rain outside and the brunch place we were going to go to has a twenty people queue in front of it. I have not yet accepted that it´s winter so I´m not wearing a jacket. My belly is empty and my sweater soaked. And so I tell Carolina to meet me in Rossio square, I´d show her my favourite restaurant in the area. Brunch will have to wait and be substituted with lunch this time.

As we step inside Bastardo, a restaurant on the first floor of one of Rossio´s magnificent buildings, the cozy interior and perspective of filling my belly with their delicious meals and cocktails puts a big silly grin on my face. We´re being given a table by one of the exquisitely polite waiters, they take our coats and we instantly know that while we had to skip the quirky and hipstery brunch, we´re in good hands.

We go for the couvert who´s miso butter is perhaps the best butter I´ve ever tasted. The home-made Alentejano bread, potato brioches and hummus warm my insides and suddenly my sweater is also dry. As a main course, I choose the Thunnus (tuna tagliatelle with the most delicious sauce ever) and Carolina goes for the Malandrinho (a delicious pumpkin risotto with truffle oil).

Next (or first?) - drinks. While I love a good mimosa with my breakfast/lunch/dinner/five o clock tea, I opt for a Spicy Caipirinha this time. And oh boy, do I nail it. The caipirinha comes with three little potion flasks: potion of comfort , potion of hotness and potion of serenity. In reality: Southern Comfort, Tabasco and a never before heard of liquor. I go ahead and spike my drink before even tasting it and I yet again nail it. Magic, right?

Then for some dessert. Bastardo used to have the most delicious chocolate mousse I had ever tasted but the menu keeps changing so this time we went for a different chocolate yumminess and while I am still bitter about the mousse being gone, I left there with a bigger sweet tooth than I entered with.

Graphically designed by Atelier Maldonado, Bastardo is a place for the gourmands with an eye for design and a sense of humour. The staff is beyond accommodating and the food delicious. Whether you´re stopping by after a shopping trip in Baixa or a long exploration of the city, Bastardo seems to always be there waiting for you with its magical potions and pumpkin risotto. Give it a try.

Website: https://restaurantebastardo.com/en/

Opening hours: Daily between 12pm and 11pm




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