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Chicken and Pineapple Wok with Green Curry Sauce

I´ve developed a sort of obsession for woks thanks to the Wok to Walk restaurant chain. And even though we´ve owned a wok for ages, it was only recently that I started making proper wok dishes in it. The wok dish is a life saver and I have made everything in it from woks to chilli con carne and even tajines. But this #homemadeMonday I want to honour its true purpose and give you a wok recipe which even the newbiest of you will rock - the chicken and pineapple wok with green curry sauce.


(serves four)

400 g Japanese ramen noodles

a medium sized onion

four garlic cloves

250 g of canned pineapple

600 g of chicken breast

200 g of veggies (I used a pre-made mix of finely chopped carrots, aipo and pumpkin)

soy sauce

one teaspoon of sesame oil

three teaspoons of green curry paste

Note: The mango in the picture ended up losing its taste due to being added to the food too early on so I decided to not mention it in the recipe. Should you want to add mango after all, please only add it to the mix one minute before turning the fire off.


1. For the preparation: chop the onion, the garlic and the 200g of veggies very fine. Cut the canned pineapple into bite sized pieces. Cut the chicken breast into small cubes, also bite sized.

2. For the cooking: in a wok pan, add two tablespoons of olive oil and fry the onion until golden. Add the garlic and fry for another two minutes. Add the veggie mix and fry for 10 minutes, seasoning with the sesame oil and as much soy sauce as you like (I must have used some five tablespoons of it).

3. Add the chicken breast and fry until it loses its pinkish colour. Season with more soy sauce if necessary.

4. In the meantime boil the ramen noodles according to the package instructions. Normally they come pre boiled and only need about two minutes of extra boiling.

5. Add the ramen noodles to the chicken mix and fry for two minutes before adding the pineapple. Fry for another 10 minutes and add the green curry paste. Let fry for another two minutes, turn off the fire and enjoy with a glass of a juicy, low-tannin red wine!

Bon appétit!





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