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Dog Friendly Lisbon - Part III - Bowls and Bar

Bowls and Bar does not need much of an introduction. For now, it suffices for you to know that I started going there when I realised they had an adorable corgi roaming their grounds almost every day. Alex, the corgi, became somewhat an attraction for me before I even met him. I remember knowing him for Bowls and Bar´s Instagram and only months later finally seeing him on the streets. I screamed: Alex! and ran towards him as if we were old pals. He´s a chap so he didn´t mind.

But back to Alex´ home. Bowls and Bar is an adorably decorated bar in São Bento with the best shakshuka in Lisbon. What makes the place even more special, is a little counter right by the door where beautiful flowers are being sold during the day and a neon sign asking "happy?". Also, the shakshuka - it´s delish. And they allow dogs. Even naughty ones like Yoshi who peed on a lamp marking his territory, showing Alex. The dogs can even sit on the benches while you´re eating. Even if that will mean a lot of drooling.

Bowls and Bar serves breakfast, lunch, brunch and I imagine also dinners, even if I´ve never actually had dinner there. Their fridge is divided into the guilty side (homemade infusions and potions rich in alcohol) and the guilt/sugar/gluten/alcohol free side (detox teas, juices and lemonades). The guys and girls there are basically marketing geniuses and they must have an awesomely creative Pinterest account.

The bar itself has simple white tiles on it, with the message "What are we going to do with all this future" written on it and man, does that strike a feel. The middle table has a beautiful collection of coffee table books on it and what can you really ask for more besides a dog friendly flower shop - brunch spot - with reading materials all in one place?

Go and try it out for yourself and trust me when I tell you that you need not even look at the menu and can believe me that the shakshuka is the most important and delicious item you can order whilst there. And while you´re in the neighbourhood, cross the street and get yourself a pain-au-chocolat to go from Baguettes & Cornets and a book about travelling the world from one of my favourite book stores in Lisbon, Palavra de Viagante, a book store focused solely on books about travel.

Happy brunching and happy reading,





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