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Dog Friendly Lisbon - Part II - Wish Slow Coffeehouse

I wish I was able to make tiny delicious Dutch pancakes like the guys and girls at Wish Slow Coffeehouse can. With that pun out of the way, let me tell you about this most magical place in Lisbon´s Lx Factory - Wish - our second spot in the Dog Friendly Lisbon series.

I discovered Wish during my first exploration of Lx Factory, Lisbon´s little "state inside of a state". But more about Lx Factory in a separate post. I went there for breakfast on a very early Wednesday, before a conference and the place was quiet and cozy and delicious. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I was back. This time on a warm Sunday afternoon. The place was packed! Cutting the quiet out of the equation, the place still served delicious brunches and maintains a super cozy vibe around it even when it´s packed. Wish Coffee House is open from 8:30 to 19:30 during the week and from 9:30 to 19:30 on weekends. 

Wish is a two side story. On the right side, you´ll find the entrance to a little shop full of wonderful little treasures like origami lampshades or adorable stationary. On the left side, a separate entrance leads you to their café. In front of the building, on Lx Factory´s main street, Wish also has a tiny terrace where you can brunch with your dog. The waiter will bring you water, but your furry friend will probably only pay full attention to you, as you´ll be in possession of the meat. 

As for the food, I need to re-emphasize their delicious tiny Dutch pancakes, the poffertjes. They are tiny and warm and fluffy and sprinkled with sugar and I am pretty sure they also serve them in heaven. As for brunch, it is served on huge wooden boards and can includes everything from soup to cheeses, sausages, yogurt with granola, jams, patés, croissants and bread (talking about the Why Not brunch here because that´s the one I usually choose). They have fresh juices and will even pimp your brunch with a little bit of Nutella for your poffertjes (they come at the end, keep your belly empty enough for them!). During the week they have an everyday brunch for 13€ or a vegan version for 12€. On the weekend they offer two options: the Why Not brunch for 14,90€ and the Wake Up brunch for 13,50€. Next to that, they offer a big selection in bagels, salads, cheese and meat boards, toasts and pastries. Oh, and have I mentioned that they´re experts in coffee?

My favourite thing to do after brunching at Wish is raiding the Ler Devagar book store next door and to do some shopping at the market in Lx Factory (happening every Sunday from 11:00 to 20:00). Things you can find at the market: adorable hand made jewelry, hand made minimalistic leather wallets, fluffy carpets at a decent price, moroccan slippers, pocketed t-shirts from a Portuguese artist, spices, home made piri-piri sauce and English magazines. Pretty much everything you need for a complete Sunday. But maybe one day we´ll write a full blog post about Lx Factory´s Sunday market.

Until then,

Happy brunching with your pupper,


Address:  LX Factory, Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103, Espaço 0.2G, Alcântara, Lisboa 1300-501

Contact: 308 807 750




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