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Escalfado - Lisbon´s new Eggcelent Breakfast and Brunch Spot

Slightly hidden on a pedestrian street in São Bento, Lisbon´s brunch neighbourhood, lies the newly opened Escalfado restaurant ("Poached" - for whoever does not speak Saramago´s language). It opened about a month ago, subtly and almost shyly. Like true influencers, we went on the same week it opened and had three diverse dishes, all of them accompanied with white wine. We had a tough morning, don´t ask.

Escalfado is a cozy venue with a Portuguese touch and its kitchen does its mysterious things behind pink wooden doors. Next to its front door, it has a massive window that bartenders can hop in and out through. The design of the place is minimalistic, which comes as a breath of fresh air after I´ve been seeing way too many brunch places with an abundance of plants and hipster elements such as 70s tv sets or Stardivarius framed quotes about pineapples.

As for the food - depending on what you order, the portions might be a bit too small at times. I went for the poached eggs with asparagus, bernaise sauce and toast and while the eggs and asparagus were a bit too vinegary for my taste, the portion was decent. The waitress was very receptive to feedback when I told her why I had not touched the bread (hello again, ketogenic diet!) and encouraged us to share any feedback from the start so they can make amendments next time and swap some ingredients. Ana´s choice of the dish of the day (pica-pau that day) turned to be the most inspired one as the portion was big, the sauce delicious and the meat tender. Fátima´s choice of banana pancakes on the other hand was rather disappointing as the pancakes (although apparently delicious) only came with some maple syrup and some five blueberries on top. Once again, the waitress proved very open to our feedback and passed it on to the chef.

At the end of the day Escalfado seems like a place with a lot of potential, decent prices (if they increase the portions a bit - food and wine included) and eggcelent staff. I think however, I´ll wait a few more months before going back and see what changes they´ve done to their menu.

Opening hours: Tues - Fri 08:00 - 17:00 , Sat + Sun 09:0 - 17:00, closed on Mondays

Address: Rua do Merca - Tudo, 4, Santos, Lisboa

Phone: +351218047260

Zomato: https://www.zomato.com/pt/grande-lisboa/escalfado-santos-lisboa

Instagram: @escalfado.pt




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