• Cristina

Inspiring Readings for International Woman´s Day

The 8th of March has always been a big holiday in Romania but only today did my mom tell me she actually dislikes it. Probably because of the deep communistic resonance it has with her, a victim of that dark period in our history and someone deeply impacted by the Russian influence our country suffered. The 8th of March being just one tiny piece of that influence. To me, it had mostly been an opportunity to buy and receive flowers. Only in recent years, as feminism has become more and more an innate component of my own being, has this day become an opportunity for exposing important issues that women face, as well as celebrating our successes and the achievements of all the fabulous women that surrounded us yesterday and today.

It´s true that often we have the tendency to focus too much on how much there is still to be done and forget to celebrate how far we´ve gotten. So in today´s blog post, I wanted to put exactly that in the spotlight: how far we´ve gotten. I´ll be doing that with a short list of four books that speak about fabulous women that roam or roamed the earth contributing as much as they could towards a more equal and fair life for all of us. Without any further ado, here are my favourite books about fantastic women.

These books are superb anthologies of stories about exceptional women in history. Next to this, there are outstanding women, some even mentioned in this books, that have written great books of their own. But you´ll hear all about that in a different article. Getting to my list now, here goes:

1. Bad Girls Throughout History

This was the first book of this sort that I ever bought and I loved everything about it. The short and simple way that extraordinary tales about extraordinary women were written, the beautiful images and the confidence it gave me. I remember being so excited about it that I took a picture with it on my lap, with my bare feet in the background and our office´s pool of balls as a contrast.

2. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls I + II

I first heard about the first edition of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls on one of my favourite Facebook pages, A Mighty Girl. A Mighty Girl celebrates girls and women every single day and they are a constant source of inspiration for my readings. As for Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, it runs on the same concept as Bad Girls Throughout History. Tens of one page stories of wonderful women along with beautiful portraits made by other wonderful artists. I gave this one as a present to my young cousin, Francisca and I bought the equivalent for boys - Stories for Boys who Dare to be Different - and gave it as a gift to my young brother.

3. Women in Science

While all of the above are stories of women from all areas (sports, arts, politics, religion or science), my third recommendation focuses specifically on women in science. Those brave souls that pioneered science for the sake of a better and more peaceful world. I particularly love this book because the portraits are quite whimsical and powerful and the women inside it, fierce and courageous, proper super heroes wearing lab coats instead of capes.

On International Woman´s Day and on all days, let´s remember to be tenacious and brave, whilst never losing our kindness and smile. Let´s be the women we needed as girls and let´s build one another up instead of tearing each other down.






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