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Lisbon´s Drag Brunch Is the Most Fun Brunch You´ll Ever Have

Pedro aka Teresa and her wife Irina started out by organising drag dinners at their house. These dinners soon became Airbnb´s top experience in the world. It wasn´t easy though, the queen recalls only one tiny Australian woman showing up for the first one. As they grew in popularity, their neighbours became less tolerant and ended up kicking them out. So in June, Pedro aka Teresa, Irina and a couple more fabulous drag queens set themselves to organise brunches and cooking parties in Lisbon´s LX Factory. They haven´t slept since, Pedro jokingly says as he tries to recall the name of the white powder they´ve discovered a couple of years ago.

We attended their sixth brunch and let me tell you this: it is the single most colourful and fun thing you can do for yourself on a Sunday in Lisbon. A major foodie myself, I haven´t even gotten to photograph the food, and that´s not because it wasn´t delicious. It´s because the queens *are* the brunch. With their impeccable make-up, daring costumes and joie de vivre, they make for an unforgettable experience.

Irina frying sausages

The brunch is on Sundays from 11:30 am or 2:00 pm in Lx Factory and I seriously recommend you book it in advance, as we´ve seen plenty of people being turned down at the gates because it was sold out. Tickets are 25€ each, mimosas are bottomless (you read that right) and the buffet has pretty much anything you want. There is music (hello Britney and Christina Aguilera from the 2000s!), there´s dance and laughter and oh, so much sass. The queens are a wonderful mixture of shapes, sizes and cultures, and while they´re the friendliest and (ironically) the most genuine people ever, they´re super respectful of the audience, giving you personal space if you´re too shy and big hugs if you´re up for them. They´re super photogenic and were born for the spotlight. The coolest thing perhaps, is that the show welcomes people of all ages, so that we´ve had both young children as well as grandmas and grandpas from all over the world partying with us.

The studio where everything happens, managed to accommodate some 80 people. There´s plenty of food as there´s a kitchen annexed to it but there are also wigs and sequins and make up and shoes - since the queens also incorporate some make-overs during their events. It´s all an explosion of colours, sugar, sparkle, spice and everything nice.

The dancing shows throughout the meals along with Pedro aka Teresa´s stand up make for an atmosphere I can´t really find an adjective for. There was a mix-up with the bookings and way more people than expected showed up (they usually host groups of max 40 people) so we actually ended up running out of some dishes and were encouraged to just "drink a shitload of champagne and dance" instead. That´s probably when I fell in love with them.

Pedro aka Teresa

There´s a lot to say about this magical event but I´ll sum it up by saying that being part of the Drag Brunch felt cooler and funner than the coolest party I´ve ever attended in Berlin and I´ve never been more certain than anything in my life than I am of the fact that I cannot wait to be back.

Champagne, garçon,





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