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My Favourite Alentejo Beaches - All Dog Friendly

Portugal´s Alentejo region has always been a particularly powerful magnet for my soul. Maybe it´s because that´s where I fell in love with André, on a beach at midnight, eating cakes out of boxes and watching a meteor shower. Maybe it´s because it´s of a such wonderfully low key beauty that it often feels untouched, something one cannot say about Portugal´s Algarve. Whatever the reason might be, one thing is for sure: Alentejo has some of the most beautifully serene beaches I´ve ever seen and this article is a mere listicle of my personal favourites ordered as you go down the Alentejo coast from Lisbon:

1. Praia da Galé

Surrounded by magnificent golden and ruby rock formations, some of which are five million years old, the Praia da Galé is one of my top five favourite beaches in the whole of Portugal, and an absolute favourite of Alentejo. It´s been some ten years since I last visited the Grand Canion, but descending onto Praia da Galé I felt I was right back there, only this Canyon ended in a beautiful beach full of colourful umbrellas and surfers from Galé´s camping. While there are signs saying the beach is not dog friendly, the central portion of the beach that doesn´t welcome dogs is actually quite small. As you reach the beach through the Galé campsite, walk for some 200m either to the left or right and you´ll find the beach is actually full of jolly dogs enjoying its marble sand and cold water. Yoshi for one loved it and even made himself a girlfriend there, her name is Buddha.

2. Praia da Lagoa de Santo André

A beach we reached by total accident as we realised the beach we actually wanted to visit, Praia da Samouqueira was far farther than we expected. The Praia da Lagoa de Santo André is a beautiful beach locked between the ocean and the Santo André lagoon. You can basically choose where you want to bathe, but given our love for warmer water you can imagine we chose the lagoon. The water is also calmer (say hello to peacefully floating on an inflatable flamingo), kayaks are 10€ an hour and dogs are welcome. Yoshi had a lovely time swimming in the clear water since there were no waves to splash his little face and by the end of the day we must have walked for quite a few miles along the lagoon´s shore.

3. Praia da Samouqueira

Definitely the most colourful beach on our list, the Praia da Samouqueira is just below Sines and a must-visit on everyone´s list! The access to the water is a bit more difficult for this one, due to the many rocks, but that is exactly what the beaches´ main beauty lies in! Making you think of all those gorgeous pictures you´ve seen of Thailand´s rocky islands, the Praia da Samouqueira is one of the most picturesque places on Alentejo´s coast!

4. Praia da Amoreira

And finally - the Praia da Amoreira is the final beach on our list. Probably because it we loved it so much that it was difficult to keep looking for even more beautiful beaches. While Praia da Amoreira is technically part of the Algarve district, it is part of the Costa Vicentina and has all the Alentejo vibes you can think of. This beach made us think of the Santo André beach but we loved the water far more as it was warmer. The beach also stretches our far more along the river. Due to the tide, the water is quite salty, even if you choose to bathe in the river side like we did. Little warning: in order to reach it, you´ll need to cross the water, which in high tide goes up to your chest. We´re attaching some pics of Yoshi swimming like a seal to show you what we mean. Full of tiny beaches, Praia da Amoreira is definitely a little piece of heaven on earth.

Happy sunbathing and don´t forget to wear sunscreen!





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