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My Top 5 Cooking Books

When trying to find one´s niche for a blog, the best questions to ask yourself is: what do people come to me for advice for? In my case, one of the answers to that has become increasingly: recipes. I´ve always loved food but only in recent years have I discovered a passion for cooking. And while I love freestyling it and rarely following a recipe, I have a sweet spot for cooking books. I´ve started collecting them a little over a year ago and use them frequently to get new recipe ideas like the smoky choriço salmon I mentioned on our Instagram last week. Or the delicious tuna with garlic-miso sauce. Yum!

Below a list of my top 5 cooking books and what I love about each of them!

1. Jamie Oliver´s 5 Ingredients

The 5 Ingredients book is the first cooking book I bought for myself and it´s not hard to figure out why I chose this one. The recipe´s are super minimalistic, requiring only 5 ingredients and hence being super easy to prepare! My favourite: Jamie´s penne arrabbiata (they come with eggplant!).

2. Deliciously Ella´s Plant Based Cookbook

I bought this book not long after I started following Ella´s Instagram and I did so because she´s just so captivating, high energy and adorable! I am by no means vegan even though I keep trying to reduce my meat intake and have periods when I have a vegetarian diet. Ella´s recipe have showed me yet again that veganism can be fun and delicious! My favourite: the baked sun-dried tomato falafel.

3. Ottolenghi´s Simple

One of Romania´s most iconic dishes is the eggplant salad. I am not proud when I say that I still haven´t gotten the hang of liking it, but that´s just the truth. In my pursuit of cooking more eggplant however, I came across Ottolenghi´s Eggplant with Buttermilk Sauce recipe and oh boy, did I love it! Reading more about Ottolenghi and his love for Israeli food I decided to order his book Simple and I am loving it! I simply cannot choose a favourite but his entire Brunch section is to die for!

4. Chrissy Teigen´s Cravings

Another Instagram generated purchase- Chrissy´s Cravings. Chrissy is one of my all time favourite famous person. She´s witty and sharp and gorgeous and that woman can cook! Her book is all about delicious comfort food with a touch of thai! I ordered it because well...comfort food.

5. Chrissy Teigen´s Crvaings - Hungry For More

And then I ordered the sequel because I was hungry for more. My favourite part of both books are Chrissy´s witty intros to the recipes as well as all the gorgeous and adorable pics of her and John. In terms of recipes I love her cheddar-choriço broccoli rice in tomato bowls!

Bon appétit!





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