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Romance in Porto

Once upon a time, before I even considered moving to Portugal, a Portuguese friend of mine told me that Porto was the most romantic city in the world. Which was pretty difficult to imagine because a friend had visited the city not long before that conversation and she labelled it as the most hideous city in the world. Talk about different interpretations.

Fast forward and about two years from those convos, I was now living in Lisbon and changing jobs. My new employer, Farfetch (the world´s most awesome employer) has two huge offices in Porto and I was supposed to spend my first month there, being inducted and onboarded into a great new challenge. Needless to say that it took me less than 24h to fall in love with this new temporary home. Porto soon became one of my favourite cities in the world.

For a month I navigated Porto´s streets alone. On weekends, André would visit. I learned about Porto´s romantic side, when brunching with André and witnessing an impromptu wedding in the park. I learned about Porto´s fun side, having drinks on rooftops with Ana Paula. And I learned about Porto´s great cultural heritage visiting its churches, book shops and museums with my parents.

Porto is the type of city you want to have a crazy girlfriend weekend out in. It´s the city you want to enjoy sunsets by the river in. The city that will teach you all about wine and the world´s heaviest sort-of sandwich - the francesinha. And about dancing waltz at midnight with the love of your life. A city full of romance in its heart and butterflies in its stomach.

Whether you´re picnicking in the gardens of the Palacio de Cristal, having wine by the Ribeira, browsing for books in today´s hyper busy Livraria Lello or having a delicious dinner in Vitória, Porto has something for every taste (except for my friend Andreea´s). Porto is colourful and hip, it´s musical and energetic and it will steal your heart. You´ll find romance in Porto just like you´ll find dance and deliciously soothing red liquors to make you forget what you were looking for in the first place.

My favourite restaurants: Cruel, Mundo (their Mundo Fried Chicken is the best chicken I have ever eaten), Puro 4050 (it´s a freaking mozarella bar where every dish is just perfection!), Cantina 32, Boa Bao (you can also find this one in Lisbon)

My favourite bars: Bonaparte Downtown, Base, Book House

My favourite café: Moustache Coffee House

Other stuff to visit: Livraria Lello, Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa, Jardim das Virtudes

Muito Amor,





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