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São Miguel´s Most Beautiful Airbnbs

A friend recently chose the São Miguel island in the Açores as her honeymoon destination and while we have a huge backlog of articles we want to write about when it comes to Portugal´s most stunning island, we decided to write about accommodation next. In the last couple of years we´ve been choosing Airbnbs over hotels and while we try to be mindful about the effects of Airbnb on the local communities and housing markets, we do love having a whole house all to ourselves. For our trip to São Miguel we actually opted for two very different Airbnbs: a beautiful two bedroom apartment overlooking the ocean and neighbouring a banana plantation, and a room in a chic boutique hotel in the center of Ponta Delgada. In this post we´ll be showing you those places and some more of our favourite Airbnbs that we saved for next time we´re around.

But before we start, first thing´s first: prices. São Miguel has some stunning Airbnbs which will make it difficult for you to get out and explore but the prices are still remarkably ok! We paid on average 70€ per night for two people in the places we stayed and while there are definitely more pricey options, there´s also something for everyone´s budget!

Second thing: location, location, location. We considered four locations when looking for an Airbnb: 1. the island´s west coast, 2. Ponta Delgada - São Miguel´s capital, 3. Lagoa - on the southern coast , east of Ponta Delgada and much less chaotic and finally 4. Furnas - on the inside of the island, close to the thermal baths surrounded by an abundantly beautiful vegetation. Let´s take them one by one and tell you why we thought of each area and what our favourite places there are.

1. São Miguel´s West Coast

I actually fell in love with an Airbnb in the island´s west coast via Pinterest - you can find the image below. It turned out to be from the Winhouse with Ocean View Airbnb (you can find the link below) and even though we couldn´t get the place, it´s definitely on my list for next time. The island´s west coast is the first area we visited and we adored it because of its many lakes and breathtaking views!

Airbnbs we loved on the southern west coast:

Villa Várzea

7 Cidades Lake Lodge

Winheouse with Ocean View

Credits to this pic go out to Airbnb. We got it from here: https://www.pinterest.ch/pin/573153490069808945/

2. Ponta Delgada

When planning our trip to São Miguel we kept dreaming about its green lakes and wonderful hiking tours but also about the urban spaces on such a remote island. So we chose to spend two nights in the middle of the capital, with access to everything a city has to offer - from bars and restaurants to loud religious procession in the middle of the night on weekends. We opted for a room at Casa Ateneu - a chic boutique hotel downtown. While the wooden floors can be quite squeeky and the door of the hotel quite hard to open, the breakfast that comes in a basket in front of the door each morning is just lovely. On evenings we wanted to go out the restaurants, they were super close and on evenings we wanted to stay in we´d just buy wine, cheese, bread and butter and enjoy it in bed.

Other Airbnbs we loved in Ponta Delgada:

epicenter City

epicenter Urban

Ap Charme Penthouse

3. Lagoa

We began our stay in São Miguel at the epicenter Santa Cruz in Lagoa - a marvelous little two bedroom apartment with a gorgeous view over the ocean. We chose this place both because of the view and because of the jacuzzi on the terrace - which we used several times a day. The house offered everything we wanted and more - we even had a masseuse come over for two one hour massages on our last day. The pictures are not doing it justice but trust me when I say we cannot recommend the place enough!

Other Airbnbs we loved in Lagoa:

epicenter Lagoa

Slope House 1

Villa Sal

4. Furnas

Finally, we loved the idea of staying in Furnas because of the closeness to the hot springs and the rainforest like vegetation around. Should you choose to stay in Furnas, don´t forget to try out their local speciality: cozido de Furnas. Here are some Airbnbs that we would have absolutely loved to explore there:

The Wonderful Furnas Cottage

Casa Abacate

And the Bungalow

Now go on and book your next trip to São Miguel!






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