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Bachelorette in Seville

I don’t know where and when it started, but Seville was always a mystical place for me. I dreamed about going there without knowing much about it. It inspired tales of Golden Ages, Spanish Empire, Arab conquests and lost world charm. So when I got invited to a Bachelorette in Seville, I was both excited and intrigued. Was I going to discover this old world during a 2018 #girlstrip?

Arriving in Seville by train from Madrid, on a hot summer day in August, was less grand than I imagined. I walked to the Airbnb, where the bride to be and other girls were already waiting for me with the whole #bridesquad material. I got a bubblegum tattoo, put on flowers in my hair, took my spot in the bunk bed and thought to myself that my Seville dream was not going to happen. But i was wrong.

The Airbnb had a rooftop pool overlooking the city, which was the best place one could imagine to ring in the weekend in Seville. If you’ve been to Spain, especially in the summer, you know that days are long and nights are longer. So we enjoyed the sun going down over the rooftops of Seville before heading into the city for our Flamenco class and show.

We booked a private Flamenco show via Airbnb Experiences, hosted in their studio by a lovely couple from Argentina and their Spanish collaborator. They welcomed us with white wine, beer, jamon and Manchego cheese, and gave it all during the show. Not only did they put on a show that transported us to the cafes cantantes (music cafes) of the 18th century, but they told us about the history of the dance, its meaning and soul. At the end of the show, we were invited to dance with them and learn some of the basic steps.

Leaving the Flamenco studio, we walked around for a while in search of a bar to have a pre-dinner drink. To our surprise, the city felt asleep. We were walking through ghost town. Streets were empty, shops were closed and the only people walking the small streets were one or two lost tourist couples. I did not mind this, as it reminded me of Midnight in Paris and I love when things remind me of Midnight in Paris. Also, having moved to Madrid in August, I was aware of the fact that Spanish people leave their cities during the hot month of August for cooler pastures in the countryside.

Nevertheless, when we finally found a bar with a terrace in a small square and sat down as their only customers, ordering Aperol Spritz and being looked upon by their 70-year-old waiter as some kind of depraved young girls, I got slightly worried. Was Seville ready for a bachelorette party?

What I found out later was that Seville doesn’t have to be ready for anything. Seville just is, and it’s awesome. We arrived tipsy at El Rinconcillo, an authentic Spanish restaurant where everyone was having a decent dinner before we started provided them with free entertainment for the evening. To my delight, both staff and customers were in such a good mood, everyone was with us, laughing, joking and drinking. I have never seen a waiter have so much patience and engage in such an authentic manner. Then and there, I decided Sevillians are my kind of people, they don’t take life too serious.

On our way from the restaurant to the club, we played music on the streets and danced. Now, that is when I was so very thankful for Sevilla being a bit of a ghost town in August. We could be ourselves, free from any form of “have to do” or “have to be”, Seville was ours for the night. They gave it to us, freely.

To my surprise, the Casino La Terazza open air club was packed! Where did all these people come from? I guess, if you’re from Spain, you only come out at night during the summer. If you go to Sevilla and want to party, this is the place. Great music (if you’re into good vocal electronic tunes, reggeton, oldies but goldies remixes) and good vibes, all under the fresh summer night air.

Next day we started our day with a Mimosas and Bloody Mary brunch at Kok Tu Cocina, followed by a walk through Seville, which we discovered to be less of a ghost town than we had thought. Grand architecture, big boulevards, colorful streets, hidden market squares...I fell in love with Seville and it's authenticity.

Tips: stop for a drink during the day, or even better at sunset, on the rooftop of the EME Cathedral Hotel, a boutique hotel with direct views over the Santa Cruz cathedral. Buy yourself a flamenco fan at the souvenir shop next to it and gaze over Seville while having a Gin & Tonic. Have dinner at Petit Comte restaurant, where both food and service are outstanding.

We ended the bachelorette weekend at the pool, same as we started, reflecting on what has been an amazing experience in Seville as the sun went down over the colorful rooftops. One can go to Seville alone, on a romantic getaway, with friends or family. Seville has so much to offer and can turn into whatever you are looking for. But if you're looking for a place to celebrate a girls reunion or a bachelorette, with good weather, lots of culture, fun, great food, lovely people and not overcrowded, I can totally recommend you Seville.

Hasta pronto amigos,


P.S: Here you can find all the restaurants and experiences I mentioned:

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Kok Tu Cocina (great brunch!)

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