• Cristina

The Prettiest Christmas Appetisers

With Christmas nearing, we thought of turning our #homemadeMondays this month into little pieces of art. Food you´ll be proud to bring to your family´s Christmas dinner because it looks as good as it tastes. And for the first Monday of the month, we chose to show you the pretties appetisers we could find. Do not worry if you´re no Anthony Bourdain, you literally need zero cooking skills for these ones.

The main idea is to make your appetisers, no matter what they are, look Christmasy. I have gotten quite good at wreaths, but am yet to perfect the Christmas tree appetisers. When making appetiser wreaths you can choose to have a green base, like salad or any greens, or just do the wreath shape and decorate it with some food that resembles Christmas baubles.

The first wreath I did had some assorted salad as a base, some wrapped mini Baby Bells as baubles as well as some walnuts and figs sprinkled on top. Something that I didn´t do but thought about afterwards, was to put a little dish of honey in the middle to drip on top of the salad if you so wish. Another type of cheese besides Baby Bell that works for this combination, would be chèvre cheese.

For the second wreath I went full Italian and chose a basil leaf base with tiny mozzarella balls and tomato cherries playing the part of baubles. I sprinkled some oregano on top and ended up making some pesto with the left over basil leaves. #nowasteChristmas, remember!

The final wreath I tried is the only non-green one I did and it still came out pretty magical. The base in this case is salami and prosciutto while the top is made out of red and white grapes, walnuts and mini mozzarella balls. Considering that I was testing these at home, our dogs got to enjoy some of the prosciutto too so this one was our family´s favourite by far.

I wanted to make another wreath that I envisioned to have a rosemary base and different colour olives on top, but I couldn´t find any rosemary in the supermarket. I imagine it would turn out quite nice though, so I´ll definitely give it a try for our Christmas dinner.

The Christmas tree is definitely the piece that needs most iterations since it didn´t come out quite as I was picturing it but I´ll get there. Here you can basically use pretty much any foods from above as longs as you keep building layers one on top of the other. Next to grapes, cherry tomatoes, salami, dried apricots and figs, I used a mozzarella ball for the top but you can even carve a nice star for the top. Use a kiwi or a fruit that doesn´t change colour when out for too long. For the snow on top, I used some light flavoured coconut flakes.

Finally I used some small cutting boards where I added some more of the left overs. The result - a super colourful and most Instagrammable table that will definitely be the highlight of the evening.

Happy December,





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